Two-Way Debate Continues

Apr 16, 2013

LEXINGTON, Ky. - Roughly 60 years after converting Maxwell, High, Second, Short, Mill, and Upper streets to one-way, Lexington officials are considering changing them back to two-way. The Planning and Public Works Committee heard an update Tuesday from the group currently mapping out possible strategies for making the change.

Switching downtown’s one-way streets to two-way would bring them in line with the Downtown Master Plan and, proponents argue, improve access to and help revitalize downtown businesses. While the current study being conducted by Stantec is the most detailed yet undertaken by the city, committee member Kevin Stinnett said studies haven’t produced results in the past.

"This is the third time since I've been on council that we've done this and I feel like the more we keep doing it the more we're going to get the answer we want... and I think it's time we once and for all make the decision one way or another and move on," he argued.

Stinnett told the committee he sees public opinion on the change at 50/50 and that any decision is likely to upset a sizeable number of Lexingtonians.

The Stantec study is being funded by a $465,000 federal grant and is not expected to be completed until October.