Two Days To Go...Classes Begin In Fayette County On Wednesday

Aug 12, 2013

LEXINGTON, Ky--Buses will be rolling and the school bells will be ringing in Fayette County in just two days.  Fayette County’s Superintendent says there are some challenges that lie ahead.

Dr. Tom Shelton says there are several changes the district continues to deal with…including construction.  “We have multiple construction projects going and so some schools will certainly see that impact as we work our way through our facilities plan.  Those are the major changes that schools will see.”  Shelton says the district is also opening the new STEAM School this year in conjunction with the University of Kentucky.. “It’s our science, technology, engineering, arts and math program that we’re doing in conjunction with the University that’s a dual credit program.  We’re starting with freshmen students this year and we’ll be brining a new class in each year over the next four years.”

This year several schools are at, or close to capacity, an ongoing concern for the district.  Dr. Shelton says new facilities are in the works.  “We’ve got plans for additional construction for schools from our recently approved facilities plan that will start moving forward including announcing the site for our sixth high school.  So there will be a lot of things that will be happening in this next year.” 

Dr. Tom Shelton is ready to begin his third year at the helm.  He said his first year as Superintendent was an observation period…year two…a year to plan…now at the start of year three…Shelton says it’s time to start putting those plans to action.   “Our focus this year will be on trying to improve our culture and improve the quality of instruction in the classroom and continuing to develop the leadership throughout the district”

Dr. Shelton says the focus will be for educators and staff to meet students where they are in order to ensure their success.   “I think the main things we have to do is build the right district culture to support them.  Then we have to provide the right leadership within our schools and throughout the district to make sure that everything happens as it should to provide them the opportunities to be successful.  And then we have to make sure that all of our teachers are adequately prepared and have the right resources and support to be successful in the classroom.”

The school board will meet tonight at 5:30 to prep for Wednesday and discuss expansion plans for the growing student body population.

Two Days To Go...Classes Start In Fayette County On Wednesday
Two Days To Go...Classes Start In Fayette County On Wednesday