Trustees To Vote On UK Budget Today

Lexington, KY – Angela Martin, Vice President in the Office of Planning, Budget, and Policy Analysis, says while tuition rates have steadily increased, they still aren't high enough to offset a proportional reduction in state support, especially when you consider that enrollment has grown by some 2-thousand students.

"In 2001-02, the state in essence provided 65 percent of what we call the cost of education, and the student paid 35 percent. When we fast forward to oh nine, ten, and the student's gonna be paying 54 percent and the state's gonna be paying 46 percent. So, this is the second year in which students will be paying more than the state."

Martin says the university's budget includes no raises for employees, and substantial job losses.

"We have eliminated forty vacant staff positions, we have eliminated twelve filled staff positions, we have changed the fund source for twenty-two staff positions, they were on undesignated general funds, they're now on income support; for example we had some moved to clinical income. We have also eliminated twenty-nine vacant faculty positions"

Martin says other cost-cutting moves include reductions in travel, operations and research support. The rest of the deficit will be made up by shifting funds to future budgets.