Treasurer's Office Again Targeted By Lawmakers

Jan 15, 2014

A northern Kentucky lawmaker has taken up what’s become a perennial cause in Frankfort: abolishing the office of Treasurer.

Republican Sen. Christian McDaniel has introduced Senate Bill 58, which would allow voters a chance to vote on whether to get rid of the office.

House Speaker Greg Stumbo says he believes the office is antiquated.

"All the Treasurer does is really is sign the paychecks and I think probably most of that is done electronically these days," he told reporters Tuesday.

Measurers putting the issue up for a vote have passed the Senate in recent years, but never made it to the ballot box.

Democratic Treasurer Todd Hollenbach has argued that voters showed that they want to keep the office intact by re-electing in 2011. One of his opponents, Libertarian Ken Moellman, ran a campaign to eliminate the seat.