Transylvania Faculty And Trustees Split Over President's Performance

May 28, 2013

Increasing tensions at Transylvania University have led to a vote of “no confidence” in University President Owen Williams’ leadership by Transy faculty.

Transylvania University President Owen Williams
Transylvania University President Owen Williams
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Disputed tenure decisions and concerns about management are at the heart of a growing divide on the Transylvania campus. While the faculty voted 68-to-7 to express its dissatisfaction with Williams, the university’s board of trustees has voted to confirm its confidence in the president it selected in 2010.

The faculty is also calling for tenure to be retroactively awarded to two faculty members who were had their tenure deferred by Williams. That decision was among the actions that have sparked not only faculty complaints but a student demonstration.  

Williams worked as a Wall Street banker and a Civil War scholar at Yale before arriving at Transylvania University three years ago.