Transportation Officials Focus On Brannon Road Growth

Jun 18, 2013

LEXINGTON, Ky. - With the growth of the Brannon Crossing shopping area, the narrow 3-mile long stretch of road between US 60 and US 27 called Brannon Road is handling more and more traffic these days.

Natasha Lacy with the state Transportation Cabinet says the meeting will be an informal gathering to both present potential problems with the road and propose solutions.

"The Brannon Road shopping center, of course, has more and more businesses and restaurants that are locating within it. A lot of people are using Brannon Road as a cut-through from Harrodsburg Road to Nicholasville Road. The shopping center attracts a lot of people, so it's really a situation where we haven't necessarily received complaints, but we just feel that we need to take some action because the traffic is not going to be decreasing for this area," Lacy says.

The meeting will include presentations and consultants available to answer questions. It will take place from 5 to 7 PM Thursday at Southland Christian Church in Nicholasville.