Toyota Camry Takes A Hit In Consumer Reports

Oct 29, 2013

Toyota’s best-selling Camry has been dealt a setback in the pages of Consumer Reports.

The flagship car of Georgetown’s Toyota plant has seen a series of recalls over the past few years,  but it took a different kind of hit Monday in the respected consumer magazine.

Consumer Reports has removed the Camry from its recommended list, along with the RAV-4 and Prius V.

"It didn't perform well in an Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Small Overlap Crash Test," says Toyota spokesperson Cindy Knight.

Knight says the newly added test gauges how well a car responds to a crash where the driver swerves and hits something partway, but stressed that the Camry performed well in four other Insurance Institute tests.

"So we feel the car is no less safe than it was before. It also scores five stars in the National Highway Transportation Safety Agency's crash test rating," she adds.

The question now is whether the lack of a Consumer Reports recommendation will translate to lost sales. Toyota’s Georgetown plant is the company’s largest manufacturing plant outside of Japan and assembles over 300,000 Camrys a year.