Town Hall Organizer Says Event Proves People Can Tackle Tough Issues Respectfully

Jul 18, 2013

LEXINGTON, Ky.-- Kentucky Poet Bianca Spriggs, the organizer of this week’s Town Hall Meeting on the George Zimmerman case says the good far outweighed the bad and she hopes Tuesday's event paves the way  for more open dialogue on tough issues.

Kentucky Poet Bianca Spriggs
Kentucky Poet Bianca Spriggs

Spriggs told WUKY she was a bit on edge after she announced the Town Hall Meeting through social media. 

"I was really nervous walking into it because of some of the commentary on the Facebook Event page.  It sort of took a nasty turn, so I was nervous, I know other people were nervous.  They were inboxing me that this wasn't going to be a meeting that was really in the spirit of what we intended it to be."

Spriggs removed all comments beforehand and reminded everyone that the gathering was meant to be a positive way for open lines of communication.  She ended up being pleasantly surprised.

"I had several people come up to me afterwards who said you know I didn't agree with everything everybody said tonight but I really just appreciated being in the room and hearing the honesty, so it really restored a lot of faith in my own community.  We have the ability to bridge gaps."

Spriggs hopes the Town Hall Meeting will lead to future open and compassionate discussions in Lexington.