Tour Of East End To Be Offered This Weekend

Jun 6, 2013

Yvonne Giles, Lexington Historian
Yvonne Giles, Lexington Historian

LEXINGTON,KY---The Lyric Theater will offer a walking tour of Lexington's East End this Saturday. 

It will take a look at the third of Lexington's four "quadrants."  An ethnically diverse neighborhood, the East End was settled by a mixture of African-Americans as well as French, German, and Italian immigrants, but by the 1930's became primarily black. 

Historian Yvonne Giles, who runs the Isaac Scott Hathaway Museum, will lead the tour.  She says there's evidence of the people who lived in the East End through much of its architecture.     

"Immigrants found that area very open to development. They built buildings and usually lived above them.  There are still some buildings along our route that had grocery stores on the lower level and housing above it," Giles said. 

The tour begins at the Lyric Theater, and will showcase the diversity of the East End.   Giles will highlight several important neighborhood sites.  These include Presbyterian Sanitarium, which was the precursor to Good Samaritan Hospital, and the First African Church, one of the oldest buildings in the neighborhood.  The event concludes with a visit to the Isaac Murphy home on Eastern Street. 

The East End walking tour lasts from 1:00 to 3:00 on Saturday and will be limited to about 25 people.  Tickets are available by calling 859-280-2218 or through the Lyric Theater's website.