Titanic Exhibit Offers Intimate Experience

Oct 4, 2013

When visitors enter the new Titanic exhibition debuting in Lexington Saturday, they will be handed a ticket with the name of a passenger.

Credit visitphilly.com

At the end, they can discover the fate of their assigned voyager on a memory wall.

It’s just one of the features that Theresa Nelson, a spokesperson for Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition, says will draw visitors to the installation at the Lexington Center Museum and Gallery starting this Saturday.

"The artifacts that have been recovered from the wreck site of Titanic [are] really what differentiates this exhibition from any Titanic experience one could have. These are authentic artifacts that have been recovered from 2 1/2 miles beneath the ocean surface," she notes.

The artifacts range from pieces of the ship itself to personal effects of passengers and crew members to china that would have been used on board.

The exhibit, which even includes a touchable chunk of simulated iceberg, runs from Oct. 5th through Jan. 26th. Tickets are $12 for adults, $10 for ages 55 and older, and $9 for ages 3-13.