Time For Citizens To Weigh In On Lexington Growth

Aug 14, 2012

LEXINGTON, Ky. - Lexington’s Comprehensive Plan, a broad roadmap for the city’s growth, will receive an update this year. Citizens are now being asked to contribute comments and suggestions.

Often the most contentious issue in the Comprehensive Plan is the expansion of the Urban Service Area. But officials, including the mayor and council, decided last year to hold off on that debate and focus on infill and redevelopment.

"At this point what we're doing is the land use element, which is typically the part that generates the most citizen interest. So what we're talking about is our future land, what is it designated for, resident, commercial, or others, and some of those broad policy issues," says Chris King, director of planning for the city. 

The draft plan calls for strategies to allow Lexington to grow without disturbing its farmland and methods for improving access to the city’s parks and green space. Citizens can attend public meetings on the plan Tuesday night at 7 at the Tates Creek Golf Course Ballroom and Wednesday night at 7 at the Northside Branch of the Lexington Public Library.