Three Will Vie For Lex. Mayor In May

Jan 28, 2014

Two Lexingtonians will challenge Mayor Jim Gray for his office coming up in May.

And then there were three.  Lexington Mayor Jim Gray was running unopposed in the upcoming election until Monday.  BCTC Professor Danny Mayer filed to run, then today former Lexington Police Chief Anthany Beatty filed paperwork to become a candidate as well.

Beatty had been struggling with his decision over the past several days but once getting the green light from his family over the weekend…knew he wanted to throw his hat in the ring.

Both Gray and Beatty say they bring experience to the table…Gray with his term as vice-mayor that led directly into his role as mayor and Beatty with his years of service on the Lexington Police Force, ending with his position as Chief of Police.  He now serves as Assistant Vice President of Campus Services at the University of Kentucky.