Thousands of Trout, Catfish Stocked at Jacobson Park Lake

Mar 5, 2013

LEXINGTON, Ky. - The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife is stocking trout and catfish at Lexington’s Jacobson Park Lake.  

The 46-acre lake on Richmond Road was stocked with 4,000 rainbow trout in early February. Over the next couple of weeks, more trout will be stocked along with 2,300 channel catfish.

Some of the fish contain tags with an ID number. Kentucky Fish and Wildlife officials are asking anglers to return those tags in postage-paid envelopes so researchers can determine the catch and harvest rate.

The Jacobson Park lake is one of 39 across Kentucky enrolled in the Fishing in Neighborhoods program. A fishing license is required for anglers 16 and older. Click here for more information.