Third Person In Fayette Co. Dies Of Swine Flu

Lextington, KY – The Fayette County Health Department today has confirmed that a man in his 40s with underlying health problems had the H1N1 flu at the time of his death. Health department spokesman, Kevin Hall, says with only one exception all of the victims had other health issues.

"Of the seven deaths in Kentucky there has only been one so far that didn't have significant underlying health conditions, that's one of the reason that we want people who have these conditions things like emphysema, asthma and diabetes to go ahead and talk to their doctor to make plans to get this vaccine."

Hall says while some people can't wait to get a flu shot, others are taking a"wait and see" approach.

"This is a time right now where we just want people to do research to educate themselves. One of the things we've done is launch a new website where people can get on there, find the frequently asked questions, contact the health department through and email or phone call just to find out what the latest information about
H1N1 is."

The Center for Disease Control says health care providers, pregnant woman, those with chronic health disorders, and people between the ages of 6 months and 24 years are at highest risk for contracting H1N1 and should be first in line for the vaccine.