Tempers Flare During Latest Conway - Paul Debate

Louisville, KY – Democratic candidate Jack Conway and Republican Rand Paul began the event trading jabs about a recent ad from Conway's campaign that criticized pranks Paul was allegedly involved in as a college student. Paul called Conway a disgrace to Kentucky before the two moved on to a policy debate. Conway frequently brought up previous statements from Paul in an effort to paint the Republican's small-government platform as too extreme.

"He calls himself a constitutional conservative rather than a libertarian. He would take us back to a point where we don't have federal law enforcement, where we don't have mine safety laws and we question the constitutionality of all these advancements we've had since the 1930s."

Paul said Conway has taken him out of context.

"I'm not for eliminating Social Security. I'm not for eliminating Medicare. And I'm not for eliminating mine safety regulations. So why don't you just stop that so we can have an intelligent debate?"

On issues of policy, Paul said Conway did not understand the Constitution and urged his opponent to join other Attorneys General in suing the government over the health care overhaul law.

"Jack misunderstands the Constitution. He thinks it has to list a right that you not have insurance. He doesn't understand that the Constitution gives certain powers to the government, but it says those rights not listed are not to be disparaged."

Conway said he didn't need advice on the Constitution from Paul.

"I'm not going to waste the resources of the taxpayers of Kentucky playing Tea Party politics. If you were to go back and file one of these lawsuits, what you'd be doing, you'd be challenging well-settled law that says that Social Security and Medicare is constitutional."

Paul then declined to shake Conway's hand after the debate. The event was hosted at the University of Louisville.