Survey Shows Substantial Arts Impact In Lexington

Oct 19, 2012

LEXINGTON, Ky. - Officials released the results of a study detailing the impact of arts in Lexington and 181 other communities across the country Friday. The Arts & Economic Prosperity IV study gives cities a picture of how well the arts community is weathering the challenging economy.

The survey offers a variety of numbers showing everything from overall economic impact, estimated around $18 million in Lexington, to the number of attendees coming from outside the county. That number is just under 28 percent. LexArts president Jim Clark said having the data will help the arts community to better make its case when it comes time to talk funding.

"The fact that we have 709 full-time equivalent jobs in Fayette County related to the arts is significant. That's about half of the agricultural number, and I think having solid numbers like that, coupled with the $18 million dollar impact, makes it more tangible to people," he said.

Overall, a total of 993 arts-related businesses, both for profit and non-profit, employ 4729 people in Fayette County. The study was conducted using data from Fiscal Year 2010.