Superintendent Pay Edges Up In 30 Ky. School Districts

Nov 20, 2013

While a new report shows 49 of the state’s 173 school districts reducing superintendent pay, some are moving in the other direction.

A newly-released analysis by the Courier-Journal found that 30 school districts in Kentucky are opting to raise superintendent pay – some in the hopes of attracting better candidates or keeping superintendents who have proven themselves.

The report found that those districts increased the pay for the job by at least 15 percent from 2009 to 2013. Wayne Young, director of the Kentucky Association of School Administrators, isn’t surprised.

"We're having a huge turnover. We've got out of 173 superintendents in Kentucky over 100 of them are in their third or fewer years of service in their district," Young argues.

Young says with that kind of churn in the marketplace, school districts often have to compete to keep and retain the best and brightest.

Critics, however, see any increases in a time when taxpayer dollars are scarce as a case of misplaced priorities. House Education Chairman Derrick Graham says the figures, if correct, are an embarrassment.

The report also showed teacher pay growing 4.8 percent on average over the last five years, though it did not keep up in districts where school boards had instituted larger increases for superintendents.