Stumbo - Williams Show Little Concern For Webb's Complaint

Frankfort, KY – Last week, when Democratic Sen. Robin Webb met with the man she defeated in a special election last year, she was secretly videotaped. Webb says she resents the taping by a representative of the Kentucky Medical Association accompanying Republican Jack Ditty, whom Webb defeated. Sen. President David Williams says the whole matter is a tempest in a teapot. "In today's world, people record and whatever. I think that you should conduct yourself in any kind of meeting that you have that's in a public place so that you don't care whether you're being recorded or not."

Speaker Greg Stumbo says he tells House members to assume that everything's being taped. Stumbo says as a matter of courtesy, it would be polite to let someone know you're taping them, but it's not illegal and "politics is a contact sport."