Student Group Protests UK's Lack Of Environmental Progress

Apr 22, 2013

LEXINGTON, Ky. - Clean energy was the subject of an Earth Day protest at the University of Kentucky.  Members of the student environmental group Green Thumb collected petitions urging the campus’s Climate Action Plan Committee to meet as it has promised.

Organizer Kara Cooper says the committee has been slow to act in the past.   

“In the fall of last year, the president of the University of Kentucky said let’s put together a committee, come up with a plan for what it would take to get the University of Kentucky to eventual climate neutrality.  The planning committee met twice in the fall and so far this spring semester, they haven’t met at all," Cooper said.

CAPC claims it is working to hire an expert to create a climate neutrality plan, but lacks the funds.  Green Thumb, however, believes that the University is capable of coming up with one on its own and hopes that the student petitions will serve as a call to action.