STORYCORPS: Smoking, Lung Cancer, and 50 Years Of Surgeon General Warnings

Jan 30, 2014

This week we hear from two local physicians who have seen more than their fair share of cases of lung cancer in the Commonwealth.

From Left, Doctors James Holsinger and Tim Mullett
From Left, Doctors James Holsinger and Tim Mullett
Credit Kentucky Center For Smoke Free Policy

Dr. Tim Mullett specializes in cardio-thoracic surgery at the University of Kentucky.  His long-time mentor is Dr. James Holsinger, a one-time nominee for U-S Surgeon General, currently working for UK Healthcare. 

The two recently met up in the StoryCorps booth to discuss the changes they’ve witnessed and been a part of regarding smoking and lung cancer.

Special thanks to the Kentucky Center for Smoke Free Policy for sharing the audio.

Additional information on Smoke Free Policies is available here.