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6:30 am
Thu December 19, 2013

STORYCORPS: Meet The "Little Girl" Who Helped Frankfort Go Smoke-Free

Frankfort residents Lisa and Elizabeth Wood recall what it took to pass a no-smoking ordinance in the Capital City.

Frankfort residents Elizabeth and Lisa Wood talked about the eventual passage of Frankfort's no-smoking ordinance during a recent visit to the StoryCorps booth.
Credit Kentucky Center For Smoke Free Policy

The history-making vote influenced many other communities to follow Lexington's lead.

In our ongoing series we hear from mother and daughter, Lisa and Elizabeth Wood of Frankfort.

Elizabeth played a key role in that community going smoke-free.

After suffering a severe asthma attack due to second hand smoke in a local restaurant, Elizabeth not only circulated a petition but also spoke in favor of a no-smoking ordinance before members of the Frankfort City Commission, all at the tender age of 10.

The two reminisce about the level of support and opposition the family experienced over that time.

Special thanks to the Kentucky Center for Smoke Free Policy for sharing their StoryCorps audio with us.

Information on smoke free policy is available here.