STORYCORPS: Lexington's Historic No Smoking Ordinance

May 2, 2014

We end our series with Ellen Hahn and Carole Riker who were instrumental in the passage of Lexington's No Smoking Ordinance now more than 10 years ago.

Doctor Ellen Hahn and Carole Riker
Credit Kentucky Center For Smoke Free Policy

It’s time for our final story corps segment marking the tenth anniversary of Lexington’s no-smoking ordinance…the first to be passed in any Kentucky city.

We end our series pretty much where it all began…by hearing again from two members of the original coalition responsible for lobbying Urban County Council members to support a measure that would result in a political, social, and cultural sea change in the tobacco-rich Commonwealth. 

Dr. Ellen Hahn was a key leader of Smoke Free Lexington…she’s joined in the booth by her colleague Carole Riker.  The two recall the nervousness they felt the night the final vote was cast.

Special thanks to the Kentucky Center for Smoke Free Policy at for sharing the audio from its grant-funded oral history project.  

Information on smoke free policies is available here.

A programming note:  Josh James will provide an update on his award-winning series, Clearing The Air, which documented the debate over smoke free ordinances.  That’s coming soon here on WUKY.