Stivers Open To Boosting State Education Funding

Dec 20, 2013

State Senate President Robert Stivers says rising property values in Kentucky could ease demand for a massive infusion of state funding for education.

State Senate President Robert Stivers
State Senate President Robert Stivers
Credit Legislative Research Commission

The Manchester Republican says he's open to considering an increase in the state's share of funding elementary and secondary education.

School funding figures to dominate the debate when lawmakers craft a new state budget next year.

Education leaders are pressing lawmakers to restore funding to pre-recession levels. The Department of Education has asked lawmakers for $336 million more in state funding for the two-year budget cycle that begins in July.

Stivers says such a large infusion of state money may be unnecessary, due to the prospect of rising property values as Kentucky's economy recovers from the recession. Local property taxes are a key funding source for schools.