State's Voter Rolls Purged Of Deceased Citizens

Frankfort, KY – Federal law prohibits systematic purges of voter rolls 90 days before a federal election, with a few exceptions, including deceased voters. Two weeks ago, using data provided by the Social Security Administration, the state Board of Elections purged 28-thousand deceased Kentuckians from the voter rolls. Les Fugate of the Secretary of State's office tells Kentucky Public Radio the purge would have happened sooner if the data had been provided faster. Kentucky has a history of lots of voter fraud and Kentucky's laws, when you go to the polls, aren't strong enough to keep dead people from voting all the time.

Fugate says any registered voter declared dead, who isn't, will be allowed to vote on election day. The attorney general's office agrees the purge is legal and may reduce election fraud, but will be watching to make sure it does not result in the disenfranchisement of any registered voter on Election Day.