State Road Plan Passes House Now Moves To Senate

Frankfort, KY – The one-point-two billion dollar, six-year state road plan flew through the House 94-3. The plan is dependent on freezing the state's gas tax at its current level, instead of letting it drop by four cents on April 1st, as previously scheduled. The House approved the tax freeze 82-17, over the objections of Lexington Rep. Stan Lee, who voted no. "We know road construction in this state is not gonna come to a halt. It's not gonna happen. Let's do something right for the citizens. Let's give the citizens some reason to have some hope that every time they turn around their government's not going to reach back into their pocket and take more of their money."

The road plan, which also includes federal stimulus dollars and 400-million dollars in state bonds, now moves to the Senate. That vote will come next week.