State PVAs Seek Solution To Budget Shortfall

Feb 25, 2014

Like many agencies, Kentucky’s Property Valuation Administrator department is finding itself in a budget crunch.

But the solution contained in Gov. Beshear’s budget is being called a “Catch-22.”

The PVA’s office says it's in desperate need of additional dollars if it is to continuing carrying out its role in assessing property and making sure taxing districts receive the proper funding.

"We have been sending about 80 percent of our operating funds to Frankfort to pay for our existing deputies and it's just crippling us. We unfortunately don't think that we can continue to do it," says PVA Association Executive Director Mack Bushart.

Under a proposal in Gov. Beshear’s budget, the PVA would be allowed to charge library, fire, and other districts a fee in order to generate more funding. And while districts oppose new fees, a better funded PVA could generate more revenue for them down the road. It's a dilemma Sen. Bob Leeper, chair of the Senate Appropriations and Revenue Committee, admits the state has yet to solve.

"If they're not putting the properties on the tax rolls, then those taxing districts lose revenue, so it's an interesting position they each find themselves in," Leeper notes.

Leeper says he hopes all parties continue to discuss new proposals, but Bushart worries time may be running out.