State Offers New Tax Return Tracker

Apr 1, 2013

LEXINGTON, Ky. - Kentuckians have two weeks to submit their income taxes, but more online resources are now available to not only help taxpayers file but to track the status of refunds.

A new feature on the Finance and Administration Cabinet website called “Where’s My Refund?” will supply up-to-date information about 2012 returns as it becomes available. Pamela Trautner with the Cabinet says tracking only requires a few pieces of information.

"Once there you will need to enter your society security number and the amount of the refund that you are expecting," Trautner says.

Electronic filing has increased every year since it became available in 2003. 78 percent of individual filers took advantage of it in 2011. As of last week, the number of e-filers this year is at 93 percent.