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8:08 am
Fri December 20, 2013

State Auditor Issues Report On Threats To Cyber-Security

photo courtesy blogs.actian.com

Kentucky's auditor has released a report outlining the threats of cyber-security breaches to state and local governments. 

In his report, Auditor Adam Edelen emphasizes the need for a breach notification law.  He says Kentucky is one of four states that don't require government agencies to notify people if their sensitive data has been compromised.  State and local governments collect and store massive amounts of private and sensitive data.  Edelen says he plans to work with state lawmakers in hopes of getting a breach notification bill passed next year.  The auditor's office has a role in monitoring the ability of state and local governments to protect sensitive information. The office has a team of IT auditors that test security controls when the auditor's office is conducting state and local government audits.