Stand With 170 Million Americans For Public Broadcasting

Oct 18, 2012

With election season upon us, it is more crucial than ever that the voices of the American people be heard! 

Every month over 170 million Americans use public media – through 368 public television stations, 934 public radio stations,  hundreds of online services, education services, and in-person events and activities.  Be a part of 170 Million Americans for Public Broadcasting. HELP US tell Congress that public broadcasting is too important to cut its funding.

America’s unique public broadcasting system is a collaboration of 1,300 local non-commercial radio and television stations that meet the standards of and are supported by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.  They  work with each other and with hundreds of national and local producers and community partners to ensure that Americans have universal access to high-quality non-commercial programming with a particular focus on the needs of underserved audiences, including children, minorities, and low-income Americans.