St. Joseph's East To Expand Breast Care Equipment, Services

May 7, 2014

A million dollar renovation and expansion at a Lexington Hospital could mean the difference between life and death for countless patients.

Saint Joseph East, which is now part of Kentucky One Health, is investing the funds in the hospital’s breast care center. 

Shannon Allen of London knows the importance of early detection.  She didn’t think she needed a mammogram and when she finally got one, it was a life saving decision.

"I was 44 years old, the second mammogram I'd ever had.  And I only had that because I was getting pressure from my gynecologist to do it.  I did not have a family history and I did not feel like it was important.  I was too busy.  And if there's anything that I'd like anyone to take away from this, you have to have a mammogram starting at age 40.  And if you have a family history it possibly could be earlier than that.  But, it saved my life to have a mammogram," Allen told WUKY.

Because Allen got the test done when she did, her cancer was completely removed in time through surgery and she didn’t need to undergo chemotherapy or radiation. 

Now at the start of her remission, she serves as an advocate for early screening and joined Saint Joseph East for their renovation announcement. 

The upgrades at the breast care center will include the addition of 3D mammography, which is more comfortable for patients and can detect even the smallest of abnormalities.