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12:29 pm
Fri November 16, 2012

Spielberg's Latest Film Means Renewed Interest In All Things Lincoln

LEXINGTON, Ky. - A long anticipated film about Abraham Lincoln debuts in theaters this weekend.   Director Steven Spielberg’s, Lincoln focuses on the last four months in the life of America’s sixteenth president.  Oscar winning actress, Sally Field portrays Lexington’s own, Mary Todd Lincoln and as part of her research for the role she paid a visit to the restored childhood home of the First Lady.  

The Mary Todd Lincoln House is located adjacent to Rupp Arena in downtown Lexington.
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“She wanted to get a sense of where Mary Lincoln was from and her background, which is certainly reflected well here at this home", said Gwen Thompson, Executive Director of the Mary Todd Lincoln House.

Thompson told WUKY  she hopes Central Kentuckians will appreciate the effort to bring the Lincoln legacy back to the big screen.

“I have been working for the Mary Todd Lincoln House since 2004 and I have been hearing about this film since that time and it’s been touch and go over the years on whether this film would actually happen so I’m very happy to see that it is happening and very curious to see what it will be like.”

Thompson and staff have organized a special meet-up for the six-forty-five showing of Lincoln Saturday night at the Cinemark Fayette Mall.  Immediately following the movie, Lincoln fans are invited to join them for a special gathering at the nearby Pub, restaurant and bar.  Additional information is available at mtlhouse.org.