Special Facility Approved For Chemical Weapons Destruction At Blue Grass Army Depot

Nov 12, 2013

Work on the system that will be used to destroy 15,000 aging mustard rounds at the Blue Grass Army Depot in Richmond can move forward.

Credit bioprepwatch.com

Bechtel Parsons Blue Grass has received approval from the Assembled Chemical Weapons Alternatives program to begin designing the system.

EDT, or Explosive Destruction Technology, is set to be incorporated into the depot’s chemical weapons operation. The Chemical Agent-Destruction Pilot Plant was deemed unsuitable for handling some of the mustard rounds because the agent had solidified inside them, making the dismantling process risky for manual workers.

The EDT system will use thermal destruction methods to destroy munitions in a spherical, fully-contained and armored steel vessel. The equipment will also employ a carbon filtration system to make sure air released back to the environment is clean.

The approval comes after an Environmental Assessment concluded the system will not result in any significant environmental impact to the depot or surrounding community.