Southland Clinic Receives Second Grant Extension, New Deadline

Oct 25, 2013

The deadline for construction to start on a public health clinic on Southland Drive has been extended again.

Still, administrators warn that the project will be in serious trouble if it doesn’t come together by the end of next March. Disagreements between the board of HealthFirst Bluegrass and the Fayette County Board of Health, along with a damaging audit, have all threatened to derail the Southland clinic, but now officials are hopeful the project can finally move forward.

The clinic is funded by an $11.7M dollar grant and this is the second time the federal government has allowed for an extension. Public Health Commissioner Dr. Rice Leach says he doubts a third request would be honored. The grant was issued in the hopes that the clinic could help handle an increase in new patients under the Affordable Care Act.

For now, a handful of questions remain unanswered, including the makeup of the board that will run the clinic and who will supervise Ted Mims, who is still receiving $1,500 a week to oversee construction.

The new deadline for building to begin is March 31, 2014.