Some Races Still Not Decided

Frankfort, KY – In unofficial results, Senator Jack Westwood defeated challenger Kathy Groob by 703 votes. But a judge has ordered the voting machines in Kenton County to be opened to make sure all votes were properly recorded. Secretary of State Trey Grayson says some electronic voting machines in the county were taken off-line Tuesday because they were not properly recording straight-party votes. "They can print out ballots to evidence the votes that were cast. Then they'll be able to figure out how many straight ticket votes were cast on these machines. Then those votes can be added to Groob's and Westwood's columns, to help come up with the correct totals."

In Elizabethtown, Rep. Tim Moore defeated former representative Mike Weaver by just 108 votes. Because it's so close, Weaver is expected to seek a recanvass of the vote. Secretary Grayson says Weaver has until next Wednesday to do so.