Social Media Site Gets Users Out From Behind Computers

Nov 19, 2012

LEXINGTON, Ky. - In addition to changing the way we interact with friends and family, social media is also altering the landscape for charities and non-profits. Civic Rush, a new online network that debuted in Lexington last month, is aimed at bringing people together for the greater good.

Think of it as Facebook for the civic-minded with a hint of thrown in. The site, co-founded by Andrew Beck, allows user to create profiles, enter some biographical information, interests, and skills, and it will match them with local events and charities. Beck says the opportunities to give are many.

"When user make a donation, they make it through a 501c3 that we're affiliated with and the huge advantage to that is that individuals can donate to over a million charities and they've got one single tax receipt," he says.

Beck hopes the platform will revolutionize the way people interact in their communities. Civic Rush’s revenue is generated by a small administration fee based on the amount of donations received. The site can be found at