Signs Show Lexington Watershed Areas

LEXINGTON, Ky. – More than 20 markers along Lexington's roadways will soon let drivers know of their presence in a Fayette County watershed. City officials unveiled the first Monday on Red Mile Road. Others will be installed along Man o' War, Loudon Avenue, and other streets.

"A lot of folks were unaware that they live in a watershed. So they don't necessarily understand the impacts of how they apply lawn fertilizer or how they change the oil in their car or things like that when it gets into the drainage area, because they don't realize they live in a drainage area themselves."

Charlie Martin, Director of Lexington's Division of Water Quality, hopes the watershed signs will lead to positive changes in environmental behavior, such as picking up pet waste and clearing leaves and debris from storm drains.

Click here to find out which of Lexington's nine watersheds you live or work in [PDF].