Sharon Jones interview at Forecastle 2014...

Nov 19, 2016

Mike Graves, Sharon Jones, Scott White


Paid a visit to Her Royal Dapness backstage and despite just flying in from an acclaimed tour of Europe, Sharon is ready to give the people what they want. . . and we want Sharon! Since her "discovery" by Daptones founder Mr. Bassman Boscoe Mann, Sharon has been identified as part of the whole retro soul movement. That is an understatement. The new songs on the new album are all originals and spring in lots of ways fom her recent battle kickin cancer's butt. The hairs shorter but the heart is bigger. The tunes take on a more serious feel with that background. Steeped in her faith and roots in North Augusta, GA, she embraces her story of recovery, showing that cancer is not in charge. But it ain't no syrupy Hallmark moment, it's delivered in red hot rhythm and blues with the horns and beat of the Daptones shot through with the sneaky guitar lines of music director Sir Binky Griptite. If you don't know Sharon and the DapKings, then you know the Dapkings from Amy Winehouse's breakout album "Back to Black". As good as that is, it isn't the Dappers in their natural environs with a Queen Sharon.  Listen to our interview and come back for a full report on her show later today!!