Senate Set To Vote On Final Redistricting Plan Friday

Aug 22, 2013

FRANKFORT, Ky. - The state Senate will take up an amended version of the redistricting plan passed by the House Friday morning, though the five-day window of the special session hasn’t allowed for all the changes senators wanted to make.

Credit Senate President Robert Stivers -- photo by Kentucky LRC

"To divide the city of Georgetown into three distinct districts is blatantly political," state Senator Damon Thayer said during remarks about the amended House plan Thursday.

Despite plenty of complaints about the redistricting plan produced by the House, members of the Senate Standing Committee on State and Local Government voted unanimously to place the amended House plan before the Senate Friday.

"Many individuals have come to me saying, 'Well, can we make one more change here or one more change there?' We tried to get this out as quick as possible and at some point in time you've got to make a decision," Senate president Robert Stivers said.

The amended plan also includes an emergency clause that will make the maps go into effect the moment they’re signed by Governor Beshear. The Senate will take up the plan at 9 with the hopes of having on the Governor’s desk by Friday afternoon.