Senate Candidates Set To Debate on Fox TV

Lexington, KY – Tea Party Favorite Rand Paul running under the GOP banner is likely to continue to paint Democratic opponent Jack Conway as being too closely aligned with the Obama Administration.

"You know he has to either support or run away from President Obama's agenda. He's I think, trapped in many ways because he has to either support or run away from his president and the leader of his party. And I think that's almost an impossible task right now because I think President Obama is wrong on most of policies and major issues of the day."

Conway is expected to continue to hammer away at Paul's controversial statements especially his belief that all drug enforcement should be handled by local authorities.

"I mean it sounds simple to just say no federal assistance. We'll just do it at the local level. We won't send the money to Washington. We'll keep it here. Well if nothing comes from Washington then the responsibility will fall to the local and state governments. And everyone reads the newspapers. Frankfort's overstretched right now. Local governments are overstretched, and I think that's what a lot of these Sheriff's have been saying throughout Kentucky as they have spoken out against Rand Paul. They are saying look, we can't do this all by ourselves."

Polls show the race to be a statistical dead heat. The debate will be aired locally on WDKY Fox 56 Sunday morning at 9.