Sen. Paul On Marriage: "You Should Be Allowed To Make A Contract"

Mar 27, 2013

LEXINGTON, Ky. - Kentucky’s junior senator, Rand Paul, talked to students at the University of Kentucky Wednesday about his recent filibuster over the use of drones, the passage of a state hemp bill, and the Supreme Court arguments on marriage.

A long line of students and other attendees were turned away as the crowd at UK’s Worsham Theatre reached maximum capacity. Senator Paul began by discussing his recent headline-grabbing filibuster, before touching on jobs, taxes, and healthcare reform.

As the Supreme Court weighs the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act, Paul told the crowd the question should be handled by states.

"Now can two people who are not man and woman love each other and have a relationship? That's not my business at all, and if they want to make a contract that's not my business at all either. You should have the right to visit whomever you want in the hospital. You should have the right of inheritance. Anybody you want to have a contract with you should be allowed to," Paul said.

After the speech, Paul met with reporters and expressed optimism that the hemp bill approved in the legislature could prompt action at the federal level.

"As soon as it passes and is law, I'm going to try to send a letter to the president and ask him to give Kentucky a waiver. We could be one of the first states to grow hemp. That would be great," Paul responded.

Asked about his presidential ambitions, the senator said he wants to be part of the national debate in 2016, but he doesn’t anticipate making any announcements before 2014.