Secretary of State's Office Reviewing Election Day Complaints

FRANKFORT, Ky. -- – The Kentucky Secretary of State's office is assessing Tuesday's primary election, and spokesman Les Fugate says administratively, it went pretty smoothly.

However, there was one vote buying arrest on Election Day.

"There was an individual arrested in Perry County for vote buying. Normally, it's weeks if not years after the election that the actual arrest, indictments and convictions come along, but we already have an arrest. So it was a pretty active day, unfortunately, on the election fraud front in Kentucky."

The state Attorney General's election fraud hotline stayed busy on Election Day. A total of 116 calls were received from 43 counties, with vote buying and selling topping the list of complaints. Other callers complained about election officials, electioneering within 300 feet of the polls, and exit polling.

All of the complaints will be thoroughly reviewed.