Same-Sex Couple Told To Leave Richmond Park

Jul 11, 2012

RICHMOND, Ky. -- A lesbian couple and a photographer say they were asked to leave a park in Richmond after the couple kissed.

Cheri Chenault and her partner, Destiny Keith, were having maternity photos taken by photographer Jessica Miller-Poole when a gatekeeper told them they had to leave due to inappropriate behavior.

A park employee told the Richmond Register on Tuesday that manager Adam Arvin was not available for comment.

Richmond Human Rights Commission Chairwoman Sandra Anez-Powell says there's no law against telling the couple to leave because the city doesn't have a fairness ordinance.   She said the commission has tried unsuccessfully for four years to get such an ordinance passed.

The Fairness Coalition said in a statement that local residents are planning to call attention to the need for fairness protections in Madison County.