Rock & Roots Featured Album of the Week (Feb 17-21): Broken Bells, "After the Disco"

Feb 16, 2014

James Mercer (left) and Brian Burton (right) of Broken Bells.
James Mercer (left) and Brian Burton (right) of Broken Bells.

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After the Disco, ' second album, grew out of late-night conversations about what happens once you've grown up, or what happens after the party. The title phrase developed from band member James Mercer () riffing on melodies until he hit something that sounded like "after the disco."

"Life is sad," Mercer says. "People, you know, are going to pass, and you know that you will one day. I mean, there's that. I think that Brian [Burton] and I have pretty heavy conversations about things like that."

"You think about what it's going to be like when you're older, and now you're there, and, well, now what do you do?" Burton () asks.

Speaking recently with NPR's David Greene, Mercer and Burton discussed their creative process and how making the album provided a refuge from other projects, both personal and musical.