Rock & Roots Artist: Delbert McClinton 'Prick of the Litter'

Jan 23, 2017

MULTIPLE GRAMMY AWARD WINNERDELBERT MCCLINTONANDSELF-MADEMENTO RELEASEPRICK OF THE LITTERON JANUARY 27THNashville, TN-Celebrated three-timeGrammyawardwinner Delbert McClintonandSelf-Made Men will release theirnewest recording,Prick Of The Litteron January 27th,2017.Prick Of The Littercontains 12 new songs that featurethe soulful blend of blues,jazz, country and rock that has become synonymous with McClinton’s distinctive style.His songs and soul-stirringperformances have connected with audiences across thecountry as well as his peers. Throughout the decades, McClinton hasriddenthe waveof major label success, pennedsongs that have been cut bysuccessful countryandbluesartists, collaboratedwithartistsranging fromBonnie Raittto Tanya Tuckerandcontinued to createrelevant and distinctive music.The songs and vibe ofPrick Of The Litterreflect a jazzier side of McClinton, beautifullycapturing where the revered artist is inhis life and career. The themeof romance, andhis signature sense of humor shine throughout on songs such as "Middle Of Nowhere”and "Like Lovin' Used To Be” while on “Jones For You” McClinton describes a charactergiving up his vices and struggling to be a better man.The band’suse of space andgroove inspired by Johnny Mercer, Nat King Cole and other crooners sets the stage forMcClinton’s weathered vocal which has only gotten sweeter with time.Prick Of The Litterwas recorded with the support of McClinton’s working band, Self-Made Men who include Bob Britt (guitar), KevinMcKendree(keyboards), Mike Joyce(bass), Jack Bruno (drums)and Quentin Ware (trumpet). The chemistry of this group ofmusicians, the best band he’s ever hadaccording to McClinton is on full displayon thisalbum.Prick Of The Litterwas co-produced by McClinton,McKendreeand Britt whoalso jointly contributed to co-writing over half the new songs on the album.Considered a master among Texas musicafficionados, rock artists (he gaveharplessonsto a young John Lennon), blues experts, and critics alike, McClinton ishighlyrespected, not only for the incredible longevity of his career but for his ability to meldgenres into his ownstyle. The blues and jazz ladenPrick Of The Litteris another fineexample of this.McClintonandSelf-Made Menwill be touring heavily in support of the new album,including the 23rdyear of his annual Sandy Beaches Cruise, which kicks off on January6th,2017.