ON THE ROAD WITH SCOTT on Rock & Roots: 2014 FORECASTLE - On Site!!! #3

Jul 18, 2014

Scott White, JJ Grey, Mike Graves @ the WFPK tent... Thanks Stacy Owen!!!
JJ GREY - SOUTH's FINEST JJ Grey made a tremendously received set --- big crowd, big appreciation matched by a typical JJ show: virtuoso performance and compelling storytelling. Though JJ got tagged with the jam band scene from his days on Fog City, he is 100% Southern with a heaping spice of Barbados & Trinidad to flavor his redneck groove.  Like great Southern literature (Think storytellers like Welty, Chris Offutt, Larry Brown, Percival Everett), there is a distinctive Deep Southern music idiom that synthesizes blues, country, rock, rhythm & blues that really is unlike any other contemporary music. Think JJ Grey.  Influenced strongly by true Bluesmen like Luther Dickinson and RL Burnside, JJ's music tells,stories of place and people of that place -- and, his credibility and honesty confirms he writes and sings about what and who he knows . . . And loves.  That's what we were treated to today in the warm, misty afternoon of Forecastle Day 1. And, what makes it all the better is the music grooves, it induces the Dead's sway and the bounce of north. Mississippi blues by way of north central Florida and South Georgia. Thank you JJ - a true Warhorse! Can this day be topped?! We shall see what Boi and Dre bring us from Hot Lanta at 9 bells! Scott a the Cyclone, aka Mike's Lawyer