ON THE ROAD WITH SCOTT on Rock & Roots: 2014 FORECASTLE - On Site!!!

Jul 18, 2014

 YO!  Reporting live from the banks of the Ohio nearly on the exact spot that Lewis & Clark launched their grand adventure 200+ years ago. And,  I hope you are on site with me and Mikey G for the Grand Forecastlepalooza Adventure!

While Mike checks the IDs of the River Mermaids, I'm in the squalid press tent mapping out the Day. Obviously, we conclude with a bang: Outkast. But great things await till then - Ben Booker, who will lay down some funk. Expect an audio clip of our interview later today.  Remember, as Hunter S. said " when the going gets weird, the weird turn pro" Scott. The Cyclone White, aka Mike's Lawyer and Girl Friday