Jul 3, 2014


Hello Fellow Forecastlers!

Well, we are two weeks away from the Big Palooza in Da Ville . . . Forecastle 2014. I hope you are as psyched as I am. This week’s posting, as promised, will focus on my plan for Day 1. You can check out the entire lineup here: 


Like most high quality multi-stage festivals, hard choices will be presented, divine inspiration must be consulted. In my case, that would be communicating with Uncle Jerry (Garcia for the neophytes amongst us). The Fatman is a reliable source when he isn’t otherwise jamming with Beethoven. But, whatever works for your karma is the trip you must follow.

So, here goes:

Benjamin Booker, Mast Stage, 1:30: Start off the three day adventure with a great new guitarist from NOLA (and, what musician that emanates from The Big Easy isn’t funky?). Think core urban Blues fused with late 60s Detroit punk a la The Stooges. He is booked at this year’s Newport Folk - - - that is sufficient bona fides for any lover of the Blues. His eponymous debut album is out in August on ATO, though the first single “Violent Shiver”, (what a title, right?), can be bought on vinyl or download.

Booker on Letterman if you needed more evidence of the dude’s hipness.

  JJ Grey & Mofo, Mast Stage, 3:15: Blues- souly-rock. Jacksonville, FLA. Good ole Redneck country. This stuff is dripping with swamp goo. The Fog City releases are definitive – particularly Lochloosa. But, I love the “Georgia Warhorse” issued on Alligator Records. This’ll be a fun one! NOTE – May try to hit a half hour of Black Lips between JJ & Booker!

Gary Clark, Jr., Mast Stage, 3:15. My NUMBER ONE OF THE ENTIRE FESTIVAL! Clark is the reincarnation of Robert Johnson-Muddy Waters-Albert King rolled into one electric cool Bluesman. One word: stunning. BUT, will most definitely swing by the Boom stage to take in some of Against Me - - another north Florida punk band that is as stanky as a week old jock. Laura Jane Grace (nee Tom Gabel), who recently came out as transgender, leads this killah band. Going from Gary to Laura Jane may seem like a gulf, but it makes perfect sense. Do it.

Frankly, not a lot grabs my interest until Outkast! May hit Nightmares on Wax (6:30 on the Ocean Stage) – the nom de guerre of a DJ from Leeds (Yorkshire town that is home to one of earth’s primordial power centers . . . the auditorium at Leeds University – think The Who “Live at Leeds”). Or, may try to be seen as part of the “popular kids” and take in Spoon on the Boom stage at 7:30. But, I’m guessing I’ll be chillin’ with Gary Clark doing an interview, drinking an Ale 8 and typing up the notes for a post.

  Outkast, Mast Stage, 9:20: The reckoning. In my humble opinion, the best of the Forecastle headliners. The acme of Dirty South. Classics like Idlewild, Stankonia, and Speakerboxxx/The Love Below which still is the only Hip Hop recording to win the Grammy for Album of the Year. This is a major event that they are touring this year.

If you can only make one of the three days, this may be the one just for Gary Clark, Jr., Benjamin Booker, Against Me, and Outkast! Yeah, you’d miss Slint, which would be a huge miss, but this is the Big Day for your devoted correspondent!

Yours in Weirdness,

Scott “The Cyclone” White