ON THE ROAD WITH SCOTT on Rock & Roots: 2014 FORECASTLE - Day Three!!! #1

Jul 20, 2014

Scott White, Jenny Lewis, Mike Graves
Brett Dennen & Mike Graves downtown Louisville...


Day 3. A music festival is like summer camp: new friends, new experiences, weird food and strange grown ups. And, Day Three of Forecastle is like last day of camp: cram as much fun in as possible before you gotta go home to your paper route!

Began things huntin for an open coffee shop in downtown we are still a hick city Louisville. Wildly, at corner of Fourth and Muhammad Ali we ran into the fantastic California song writer who could play center for the Cats, Brett Dennen. Since it was Brett, a great friend of WUKY, he and Mikey G got their pic taken at the site of Thomas Merton's spiritual epiphany.