“On the Road” with Rock & Roots – Forecastle 2013

Jul 15, 2013

Saturday look back –

Saturday was a really fun day at the fest. There were such great headliners and incredible artists playing all over the festival.

We got there around 2pm and headed over to the Boom Stage to see a bit of Sarah Jarosz. She is incredible and has an absolutely beautiful voice. With a folk, bluegrass feel, she really started the day on a good note. Next we went over to the Red Bull Music Academy Ocean Stage to see AMTRAC. Our good friend John Buckman is friends with the AMTRAC guy and so we thought we’d check it out. He is a really excellent DJ and had the crowd twerking and bumping and having a great time.

A little later there was a small storm close and they had everyone leave and take shelter. Turned out to be about two minutes of rain, but it was our food break time anyway. SIDE NOTE, Forecastle will put a dent in your wallet. Bottles of water for $3, soda for $4 and the average alcoholic beverage running $7-10. Food was definitely no less expensive, but was pretty incredible. We spent a tiny bit on grass-fed cow’s milk ice cream that blew our minds with deliciousness and grilled cheese/tomato soup from a local shop called Lil Cheesers that was super delicious. But most meals we tried to either go into the city or home to eat to save a bit of cash

So we ran home for a small break and then came back to a schedule pushed back about an hour. We watched Kurt Vile and the Violaters from a nice, shady spot at a picnic table way in the back. We then went over for a bit of Jim James – always an excellent show. He ended his show with a cover of Let It Be by the Beatles that killed it. We ran over to the Flaming Lips show, but unfortunately they were in a kind of narrow area, so we couldn’t make it close, but saw some really cool flashing lights from the performance while we listened to slightly psychedelic sounds of the Flaming Lips and watched fish on stilts walk through the crowd. Of course, we ended the night with a bit of the Black Keys. And they were faaaantastic.

Sunday look back –

Today was an almost entirely beautiful day for the finale of Forecastle. We got there around 12:30 and got to have a small conversation with Anders Beck of Greensky Bluegrass. He plays the dobro and had a lot of really cool things to say, so be sure to check out the interview. Afterward, we caught a bit of the Wild Feathers on the WFPK Port Stage, which was really nice. They have a great sound and are really cool guys. They toured with Paul Simon in 2011 and have an awesome cover series called Truckstop Covers. We got to interview them right after they played and again, had some great conversation.

After our interview, we saw a bit of Tennis, A Lion Named Roar and Toro Y Moi – all fantastic artists. Greensky Bluegrass kind of blew my mind though; they are really fantastic. The Forecastle Incident was really interesting, it was an “Instrumental Extravaganza hosted by the String Cheese Incident” with people like Sam Bush and Ronnie McCoury. We couldn’t help but be drawn to the sounds of Baauer though, and snaked our way up to the front, in the photo pit. Although a DJ set instead of just original stuff, he had a huge crowd who were absolutely loving it. We ended our Forecastle adventure with Robert Plant from the VIP/guest/artist area that turned out to be the only air-conditioned area that wasn’t an artist trailer. Unfortunately though, right at the end of Robert Plant’s set a thunderstorm came through and we scurried home. And then of course being inside and super comfortable after a long weekend in the sun, we got kind of exhausted and ended up staying home. And so, we leave you with a top 5 list of things to have with you while at Forecastle Festival:

5. Cash – Food and drinks aren’t going to be cheap, so plan on bringing a minimum of $200. And that’s if you don’t want to buy any souvenirs or posters or merchandise! But if you do eat down there, it’s totally worth it and delicious.

4. Shoes you are fine getting sand in – I definitely wasn’t prepared for the amount of sand and rocks I ended up getting in my shoes, so whether you are a sandals person, a tennis shoes person, or a cowboy boots person be warned about the sand!

3. A Camelbak…or any old refillable water bottle – There are plenty of places throughout to get a water bottle filled up with fresh, filtered water, so make sure to bring something! Water at the festival is $3 a bottle, but a refill is free!

2. Sunscreen – Of course! It’s sunny and hot and you don’t want to look like a half lobster!

1. Your phone. With the Forecastle App on it. – This is really important because it’s the easiest and most instant way to get updates. This weekend there happened to be two different little storms, and the app was their way of telling people when to seek shelter, when to come back in to continue on with the festival, and the updated times on the schedules.