Republican Senate President Hopeful Strikes Bipartisan Note At Press Conference

Nov 19, 2012

LEXINGTON, Ky. - Monday’s press conference in Lexington announcing the launch of a new campaign to curb meth saw two political rivals standing side by side. Observers are wondering aloud if the unlikely photo op could signal a new opportunity for cooperation in Frankfort.

Republican State Senator Robert Stivers, who is the favorite to become Senate President, and Carlos Gutierrez, a spokesman for the Consumer Healthcare Products Association, were on opposite sides of the legislative battle to require some prescriptions for medicines containing pseudoephedrine. Stivers introduced bills favoring prescriptions, while the CHPA, a drug industry group, campaigned hard to defeat them.

But on Monday, both were in the same camp. Stivers was asked if the moment was a harbinger of things to come if he’s elected to replace former Senate president David Williams.    

"I think you can build consensus, you can talk, and then from that perspective you can reach some type of agreement and not just have bright, definitive lines and say we're on one side and you're on the other," he said.

Western Kentucky Independent Bob Leeper is also running for the position. Williams vacated the post to accept a judgeship in his Southern Kentucky district.

Credit Senate President Robert Stivers -- photo by Kentucky LRC